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Theresa and Calvin's Wedding June 14th, 2014

Theresa and Calvin's Traditional yet Modern Chinese wedding took place at one of our favorite venues Atlantis Pavillion. Their theme colors were silver, white and hot pink. The sophisticated and whimsical decor vibe turned heads...
We know you loved your decor as you told us at Tear Down, we can't wait to hear your amazing testimonial! We sincerely wish you all the best in your new life together in New York!

Angelina and Alessandro's Wedding, June 24th, 2014

Angelina and Alessandro's vintage chic wedding came to life at the Fountain Blue Premier Banquet Hall on June 24th, 2014. The color combination of champagne, mint green and ivory blended beautifully to create a truly dreamy vintage atmosphere.  The most eye catching item was the new Madeline Rose overlays on the head table and cake table, and Madeline chair cover jackets! Check out the stunning performer in one of the pictures...The mint green details of the flowers helped to enhance the simplicity and charm of this stunning decor, that was envisioned by the happy couple. 

Jennifer and Ben at Weston Golf and Country Club July 26th 2014

Jennifer and Ben had their stunning Rustic & Vintage Charm wedding at the lovely Weston Golf and Country Clubon July 26th, 2014. A mix of blush and pinks with romantic touches of rustic and vintage from the mercury candle holders to the breathless head. This beautiful vintage wedding was a league of its own. Our floral and décor team worked together to make Jennifer and Ben’s vision come true. We hope we did it justice and we thank you for including us in your day!
So many fine details and it was absolutely splendid from top to bottom. It was truly a Labour of love by our Team!

Decor and Floral by Trade Sensation 
 In-house Floral Designer - Natalia 
Decor Manager- Miha

Blog Photograher: Amazing work by Sarah Renton
Elisa and Luka's Wedding, June 21st 2014
Elisa and Luka had their stunning wedding at the lovely Capital Banquet Hall on June 21st 2014. A mix of modern contemporary with a touch of class from the Rosette Textured Panels found in their stunning backdrop. Adding in some strong bold brights in the florals, allows thisblack, silver and white with a touch of "Bling" gorgeous wedding, to take on a life of it's own...
      The vibrant, bright colors found in the Florals were done by our uber talented in –house florist Natalia and they added extravagance to complete this Modern wedding which was Elisa's vision and dream wedding. We hope we did it justice and we thank you for including us in your day !

Minh and Laurence June 13, 2014 Extravagant Wedding

Minh and Laurence has the heart of Gold, it was truly an honour to have a couple who trusts us to "Deliver" and that's we did!  The Ceremony took place at Old Mill Gardens and the Reception took place at Atlantis!
Chinese and Vietnamese Wedding!
 Their wonderful colour combination was Silver, White, and Purples. Their elegant wedding had lots of Orchids which just added the flawless touch.

The Wedding Planning Team that help execute this wedding was Carla, Debbie, Jenvy, Leesa.
The Students from our wedding planning mentor-ship program were Arooj and Hilary.
Our Talented Decor Team that helped bring our amazing couple's vision to life was Miha, Jasmin, Nadya, Chloe. The Floral Team: Craig, Charlie and Richard. We are truly honoured that you choose us to be apart of your big day and believe when we say, it was a pleasure!