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Ashley and Mark's Wedding - The Old Mill & New Pipas Catering - November 22, 2014

The key to her heart was unlocked by her "one and only" - her "soulmate".

Ashley and Mark exchanged their lifetime wedding vows on Saturday, November 22,2014 at the Old Mill Inn followed by a fun-filled reception at New Pipas Catering in Toronto, ON. Although they weren't instantly attracted to each other when they first met, their personalities helped create a bond between them - one that would grow into true love.
Surrounded by their family and friends, they celebrated this long awaited day with so much reckless abandon and genuine joy and laughter.
With the bride's choice of a Venetian reception and subtle hints of a Masquerade Ball Theme (late 1800's early 1900's), Trade Sensation Events executed their chosen theme by giving their overall decor a renaissance look - combining colours of ivory, gold and luxurious reds. Coupled with  glitter and gold, 3-D Canopy with 3 crystal chandeliers to accentuate the exotic ruffle skirt with  vintage pearl tr…