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The Tale of the 9 to 5

3:42pm.  God, could this day go any slower. Day after day of repetitive phone calls, for the same thing over and over. I look over my cubicle walls, to see where Janice our manager is before opening solitaire sneak in another round.  Booyaa! 1,045,942: me, 1: Solitaire.  After for what seems like an eternity, I look up at the clock once again.  3:44pm. Urrghhh, are you for real?! Two minutes!  *Rings *  “Hello. Thank you for calling, this is Stacy. May I get your first and last name pl-?” Within seconds, I yank the headphone piece away from my ear while being deafened by the yelling on the other side.  “I’m sorry sir, may I please get your first and last name. I’d like to further look into this matter on your account.”  *Inaudible screaming continues *  3:49pm… Good Lord, help me.  “Let me dispatch you to our manager, who has more power to help you,” I explained while trying my hardest to hide my annoyance. I press the hold button before giving that madman a chance to respond.  “Janice! Line two.…

Trade Sensation Team & Students in Vegas 2018

The Trade Sensation Team took a trip to Las Vegas, NV! 
For the Wedding MBA at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Lots of teamwork and bonding made for a great trip. 

Tania & Jeff at Whistle Bear Golf Club November 10th 2018

Tania & Jeff Celebrated their Love on their Wedding Day with Family & Friends on November 10th 2018. 
Reception followed after Ceremony at Whistle Bear Golf Club, beautiful Venue in Cambridge, ON. With Rustic Elements already in the Venue itself, made the perfect space for Tania & Jeff's Rustic Wedding Theme. 
With an Stunning Floral Twig Arch as the Backdrop for the Head Table, White Mirrored Seating Charts in the Lobby, Gold Decor and Beautiful Florals on Guest Tables- this Rustic Wedding is not one to miss. 
You can check out this Stunning Wedding on our instagram @trade_sensation.
THANK YOU for Having Trade Sensation Events & Co. be apart of your Wedding Day! Wishing you all the best.