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Vegan Wedding Blog

Being vegan isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life. 
Those who are vegans understand exactly what I am talking about. As a vegan, you may want to incorporate your love of animals and your beliefs into your wedding. Of course, as a vegan, you want to try your best not to use anything that was made from animals or harmed animals in any way. Below, are a few things to consider when planning your vegan wedding.
As shocking as it may sound, you may want to ask your potential photographer if they will be shooting your wedding with a digital camera or one with film. Camera film is normally coated in gelatin, which is why you want a photographer and videographer who strictly works with digital. I know you must be thinking “Uhm…. It’s 2019 everything is digital,” but you will be surprised that there are still wedding photographers that will still shoot with film. 

Venue You might start searching for vegan venues and might not find one that you love, remember that you can go to any venue a…

National Bridal Show 2019 at Enercare Centre February 1st - 3rd 2019

Trade Sensation Events & Co. had the most Honour & Pleasure of being the Sponsors of the National Bridal Show for the 7th Consecutive Year in a row this past weekend at the Enercare Centre. 
Taking place from February 1st - 3rd, the National Bridal Show was the most successful year by far! 
Trade Sensation Events & Co's Stunning Luxurious Rustic Elegance Booth was a sight to see. Incorporating Rustic with Elegance including a Birch Canopy, Lush Greenery & Florals, Dark and Light wood, Floating Candles delivering a romantic feel with mini Mason Jars, Rustic Cake and Lanterns. 
While Guests enjoyed the Fashion Shows held throughout the weekend, the Stage Decor was also by Trade Sensation featuring a Floral Arch with Lush Greenery, White Florals, Feathers and Luminaries. 
THANK YOU to all of our amazing vendors who made our booth so incredible and to our amazing team for putting all the pieces together! 
We can't wait to see everyone next year! #nationalbridalsho…

Your Dream Wedding on a Budget You Can Better Afford

There are many ways of trimming the “fat” off your wedding budget without jeopardizing your overall vision. It is better to think of ways you can lower your cost without cutting an aspect you love completely!  Here are a few tips and ways you can lower your cost without lowering your vision value. 
1.Invitations Even though your invitations set the mood for your wedding there are many ways to lower the cost. Choosing a different paper, design, and/or opting out envelope linings can help tremendously, and even focusing on the weight or size of your invitation can lower costs of shipping.

2.Guest List  Trimming your guest list is the biggest way of lowering your budget costs as if affects more than one category of the budget. I suggest making two different guests lists. List A can be everyone that just has to be there for you, and list B can be those you would love to be there but doesn’t absolutely have to be. I know this can be hard to do, but lowering your guest count can also lower cater…