Sangeeta & Dino - July 20th 2012 at Shangri la - Signature Package Full Wedding Planning & Partial Decor

The sun came out shining last Friday, July 20th for Sangeeta and Dino who had a traditional Indian Ceremony and celebrated with a fun style and lots of striking colours. Guests were welcomed to Shangri la Banquet Hall in Markham and were led to the garden first to be greeting by a welcome table with cards and statues. Then they went under a white canopy where they were greeted by all the colours of the rainbow. Sangeeta and Dino had a beautiful colour scheme with oranges, reds, pinks and cyans and lots of amazing textiles. Rose petals would guide Sangeeta down the aisle and little elephants adorned their favours. 

Congratulations Sangeeta and Dino! We think your wedding was as alive and vibrant as you two are!


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