Sunny & Andrew- May 11th, 2013- Woodbine Banquet & Convention Centre, Etobicoke- Wedding Planning & Decor

Sunny and Andrew walked down the isle at the very baroque St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church where they said their vows amongst their family and friends and then made their way to the Woodbine Banquet and Convention Centre in Etobicoke. Sunny and Andrew celebrated their fusion- Britain meets South Asian union with a peacock themed reception. The reception room was vibrant with a Teal, Red, and Silver Backdrop with Crystal Panelling and a vivacious Teal Satin Head Table. There were Gold Structured Paisleys where the bride and groom were seated as well as water filled vases carrying red rose petals and floating candles with pearls situated along the bottom of the vases. Congratulations to Sunny and Andrew on becoming husband and wife and a special thanks to our South Asian Decor Artist, Indeera for making their special day come to life!

Below is a testimonial from Sunny & Andrew:

Dear Neha, laxmi & Trish 

We have to say that we are very pleased to have hired your team for our wedding day execution services. Despite the expected rush and delays we hear about, our day was on time and calm! You did a wonderful job keeping us on track and informed on every aspect from beginning to end. You and your team were very sweet and attentive. On behalf of my husband and I and also my family - we'd like to thank you for making our fusion wedding day a success!

Sunanda and Andrew

St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Teal, Red & Silver Satin 12x24 Backdrop and Teal Satin Head Table

Glass Vase Collection Filled With Water, Red Rose Petals, Pearls & Floating Candles

Custom Designed Peacock Themed Guest Book & Pen

Seating Chart and Table No. Custom Designed by Very Own Trade Sensation Events Designer

Custom Designed Treasure Chest Moneybox


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