Raheema- August 9th- 2013- SkyMark Party Hall- Toronto- Decor- Henna Party

Skymark Condo
Before having the honor of providing decor and wedding planning services for Raheem & Raheema's wedding on August 11th, Trade Sensation Events proudly provided decor for Raheema's Mendhi Ceremony (also known as a henna party). Mehndi symbolizes the strength of the union between two people and it is believed that the deeper the color of the bride's henna, the happier and more prosperous her marriage will be. Thank you for choosing us to partake in your cultural pre- wedding tradition, it was a wonderful experience working with you both!

Lotus Engraved Candle Collection

Multi Coloured Linen with Ivory Swagging

Ornate Gold T-lite stand with Gold Chair with Green Embroidered Backdrop & Champagne Panelling

Gold & Pearl Beading

Lotus Urli with Red Rose Petals, Floating Candles & Floating Kundan Rangoli


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