Sahir and Sabrina's Wedding at Bombay Palace on August 17, 2014

When you need support planning your wedding day. Hire a Wedding Planner.

Sahir and Sabrina hired Trained Sensation Wedding Planning Team to help plan and co-ordinate their wedding day. Our wedding planning team made up of Arooj and Ashley joined them at the beautiful Ceremony at Ismaili Jamatkhana & Centre in Willowdale,ON , ensuring that everything little detail was organized and followed up on, just as they had wanted. While the rest of the Wedding Planning Team, made up of Carla, Mahsa and Interns Gillian and Aussie Marie, ensured that everything at the reception was ready and organized prior to cocktail and hor's d'eurves with guests arriving for the absolutely stunning Moroccan themed-style reception at Bombay Palace.
Saving them time, energy, and stress by having a team who is organized and executes with perfection in mind, I am sure was worth its weight in gold for Sabrina and Sahir, as they were able to mingle, relax and enjoy their night with absolutely no hiccups. We heard from guests, family, friends and the bride and groom personally with how thrilled they were with our execution of their day's events.

Trade Sensation’s seasoned wedding planners are creative, show a great sense of urgency, work exceptionally well under pressure, know how to turn any event into a "FUN" experience and most of all, are passionate and love all the weddings they have the honor of being  apart of.

We wish Sahir and Sabrina an eternity of Love, Respect and Friendship above all. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your wedding day!

Wedding Planning Team by Trade Sensation


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