National Bridal Show 2019 at Enercare Centre February 1st - 3rd 2019

Trade Sensation Events & Co. had the most Honour & Pleasure of being the Sponsors of the National Bridal Show for the 7th Consecutive Year in a row this past weekend at the Enercare Centre. 

Taking place from February 1st - 3rd, the National Bridal Show was the most successful year by far! 

Trade Sensation Events & Co's Stunning Luxurious Rustic Elegance Booth was a sight to see. Incorporating Rustic with Elegance including a Birch Canopy, Lush Greenery & Florals, Dark and Light wood, Floating Candles delivering a romantic feel with mini Mason Jars, Rustic Cake and Lanterns. 

While Guests enjoyed the Fashion Shows held throughout the weekend, the Stage Decor was also by Trade Sensation featuring a Floral Arch with Lush Greenery, White Florals, Feathers and Luminaries. 

THANK YOU to all of our amazing vendors who made our booth so incredible and to our amazing team for putting all the pieces together! 

We can't wait to see everyone next year! #nationalbridalshow2019 #rusticelegance

Our Stunning Luxurious Rustic Elegance Booth # 211 at the National Bridal Show 2019!

Beautiful Luxurious Rustic Elegance at our Bridal Show Booth. 

Romantic Candlelight with Wooden Elements and touches of Dark Reds carried throughout the booth in Roses & Napkins. 

Guests checking out our booth!

Guests were captivated in our Stunning Rustic Elegance booth at the National Bridal Show. 

Lush Florals with Stunning Whites, Reds and Pinks. 

Our wonderful Joyee at the Bridal Show Booth! 

Lush Greenery and Foral Chandelier

Trade Sensation Events & Co.
Wedding Planning, Decor and Floral. 

Our wonderful Ballerina Mascot from TDC Entertainment! Thank you! 

Pink Florals 

Rustic Card Box and Mason Jars, available for rent through the Trade Sensation Shoppe. 

Get your stamp here!

Rustic Lanterns available for rent through the Trade Sensation Shoppe. 

Luxurious Florals with Greenery by our Floral Designer,  Hana Florals. 

Stunning Rustic Cake by Nikki Cakes.

Our lovely Acie at our 2019 Bridal Show Booth. 

A pop of red. 

Our magazines given to guests at the Show! 

Stem Glass Clusters available for rent through the Trade Sensation Shoppe. 

Our Ballerina from TDC Entertainment talking with Guests during the show. 

Talking about Weddings! Such an exciting time. 

A little Mason Jar in one of our Wooden Boxes incorporated with more of our wooden elements carried through our booth. Available for rent through the Trade Sensation Shoppe. 

Our Ballerina Mascot from TDC Entertainment. 

We love LOVE! Thank you to all of our lovely Couples and Guests for stopping by. 

Contest Alert at Booth # 211....

Something different about this Rustic Birch...
Available for rent through the Trade Sensation Shoppe. 

Stage Decor by Trade Sensation Events & Co. alongside side our Floral designer, Hana Florals and Luminaries by Helix Candles. 

These brides can WALK!

Stage decor proudly brought to you by Trade Sensation Events & CO. 

Fashion Show Fun! 

Strike a POSE!

Lovely wedding dresses and suits showcased at this years National Bridal Show Fashion Show. 

Fashion Show Fun at the National Bridal Show. 

Stunning Wedding Dresses showcased at this years Fashion Show. 

Take a Bow! 

Lush Greenery with Stunning Florals at our Bridal Show Booth. 

Thank you to all our couples and Guests for stopping by!

Once again... our Beautiful Rustic Elegance Booth. 

Our lovely Amanda at our Bridal Show Booth! 

Our amazing Ashley at our Bridal Show Booth. 

The Red Rose. 

Rustic Cake by Nikki Cakes. 

Until next year! 


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